Audition information for all competition teams for the 2021-2022  competition season.

Want a private audition to join our Company Team?

You can request a private audition at any time.  Please contact for more information.


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If you are interested in auditioning for our competition company team, please come to our May 1st Auditions

 Our competition team is a great way for your dancer to grow as a dancer, make great friends, build character, and build endurance. Below is a list of great benefits dancers can have from doing competitive dance:

  • A good sense of achievement

  • A good bit of inspiration

  • A good critique

  • A good attitude

  • A good friend

  • A good dance family


Parent Meeting

We will be holding a parent meeting to discuss pricing and dates for the 2021 - 2022 competition year.  Meeting time and date will be confirmed once auditions have been finalized.

The parent meeting is MANDATORY as this is the time to get all your questions answered.

A contract signing fee will be due right after the meeting.  This contract fee is your commitment to the company team and shows you fully understand what is involved in being part of the C&C Competition Team.


Team Member Announcement

We will be announcing during classes on the week of May 17th. If you are not a current dancer, we will be emailing you.


Being a part of the C&C Academy of Dance Company Team takes dedication and hard work, but the rewards are immeasureable.  Life-long friendships are created with a bond that is like family.  Together, we work hard and have fun!

  • Dancers will attend ALL regional and national competitions.  Typically 3 - 4 regional and 1 national competitions.

  • Costumes range from $75 - $150 per routine.  The same costume will be used all season.

  • Make-up and Company Gear are worn at all competitions and company rehearsals.

  • Dancers will be required to enroll in company specific classes (e.g. stretch/condition, technique, ballet, etc.)

  • Regular monthly tuition for classes are not part of the company fees.

  • Company fees are spread over several months to help parents with budgeting :-)

  • Dancers will have a set schedule of classes to follow each week.

  • Saturday rehearsals will be scheduled for the fall and if needed in spring.  All Saturday rehearsals are MANDATORY.

  • Competitions run Friday, Saturday and Sunday's.  ALL dancers are required to be available on these days depending on the competition schedule.  We do our best to provide the competition schedule as soon as it becomes available so parents can plan accordingly.

Solo, Duets and Trio's

  • There will be separate fees for dancers who are chosen for a solo, duet or trio.

  • Extra rehearsal time will be scheduled to choreograph and rehearse your routine.

  • Entry fees are not included in company fees, there is separate cost for entry fees at each competition.

  • Costumes range from $75 - $250 per solo, duet or trio.